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That Time I got to Sleep in Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World

That Time I got to Sleep in Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World

Every little girl dreams of being Cinderella (after she gets the prince and lives in the castle of course), well it actually came true for me!  A couple years ago my sister’s name got drawn out of thousands to spend one night in Cinderella’s castle at Disney World!  So magical, right?  She got to bring five people with her and lucky me, I was one of them.  Now, let me start by saying how incredible this really is.  You cannot pay any amount of money to sleep in the castle at Disney World.  You must be chosen, either by a contest or Make a Wish or sometimes just getting randomly selected out of the park.  Now, let’s talk about all the magic that comes along with it.

The Grand Entrance

First, they pick you up and drive you to Magic Kingdom.  You don’t have to wait in any lines or even go through the main entrance at all.  They drive you up to a backstage entrance where you get to enter Magic Kingdom right on the middle of Main Street.  You get a private guide that takes you around the park and allows you go to the front of any line you chose.

The Magical Suite

Next, our guide brought us up to our magical suite and gave us a tour.  She left us to get settled in.  Then, the phone rang.

alt="creeping on disney world patrons"
Creeping on patrons down below
alt="bathtub made of gold"
The bathtub. Everything that looks gold is REAL GOLD!

It was our wonderful guide saying she overheard we wanted coffee.  She was at Starbucks to get us anything we would like.  Talk about Disney magic!

alt="robes and starbs"
Cozy robes and starbs #sobasic

The Disney World Parade and Fireworks

Then, she took us down to our private front row viewing area for the evening parade.  While we waited for the parade to start she went and got us Mickey shaped ice cream bars.

alt="parade seating"
Parade viewing spot

After the parade, she then escorted us to our very own private viewing area for the fireworks.  Following the fireworks, there was no pushing through the crowd or waiting for a bus or monorail or ferry back to our car or hotel.  No, we got to go back up to the castle, get in our PJs, snuggle into our princess beds and watch any Disney princess movie of our choosing on a magic mirror TV.

alt="princess bed"
Princess Bed

The Magical Morning

After a wonderful night of beauty sleep in a suite made for a princess, we got to enjoy complimentary breakfast with all the Disney princesses in the castle restaurant.  To say this was the most magical night of my life would be an understatement!

alt="sleeping beauty"
My favorite princess, Sleeping Beauty!

Although you cannot pay to stay in the castle, you can pay for the very special concierge treatment.  There is so much to see and do at Disney World for young and old.  (this is not an ad, I just really love Disney).  If you want to read more about Disney activities for adults check out my post on eating and drinking around the world!

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