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Disney World as an Adult: Eating and Drinking Around the World Showcase

Disney World as an Adult: Eating and Drinking Around the World Showcase

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my friends say “I don’t like Disney”.  My immediate thought is, you’re not doing it right!  There are many attractions at Disney World that are meant more for children, but there is an adult friendly way to do a day at Disney.  I decided I needed to write this post so that everyone can stop telling me that they “hate” the most magical place on Earth.

The most adult friendly park is EPCOT.  If you are going to Disney World without kids this is definitely the place to be.  Now, I’m going to say something crazy, skip the rides!  Walk right back to the World Showcase and being your expedition of eating and drinking around the world without ever leaving the U.S.  This is the route I take:

="women on a mission"
Women on a mission
  1. Mexico

    When you get back into the World Showcase make a left.  This will take you into Mexico.  Stop at La Hacienda de San Angel and get the nachos!  You won’t be disappointed.  Now, keep walking and a little farther down on the left side of the walkway you’ll find a margarita stand.  There is a great little mariachi band that plays outside this stand.  Hang out and enjoy classic Mexican music while sipping on a refreshing margarita!  There is a short ride inside the Mayan temple and the line is typically very short.

  2. Norway

    Next stop is Norway.  Disney has made this entire area FROZEN-centric.  There is a Frozen themed ride, but due to the popularity of the movie, the line will most likely be very long.  I typically skip over Norway while I’m finishing up my margarita and nachos.

  3. China

    China is my personal favorite in the World Showcase.  There is a small stand along the lake called The Joy of Tea.  Get the pork egg rolls and a yummy drink here!  My recommendation would be the Peach Snap, although all the specialty drinks are delicious!  Find a bench and sit and enjoy some of the best people watching you will ever find.  After you’ve finished up your treat, head into the temple building and watch the 360 degree China short movie.  It is very interesting and beautiful.  Also, its great for new travel ideas!

    alt="China eats"
    Enjoying our egg rolls!
  4. Germany

    First stop, Karamell-Kuche for all your carmel desires!  My favorite is the Werther’s chewy carmel bar.  After all that rich carmel you’ll need a beverage, so why not get a classic German beer.  Weinkeller offers a wine flight and cheese plate that is also fun and delicious!  As more of a wine drinker, this is my personal choice.

    alt="carmel treat"
    Werther’s Chewy Carmel Bar!! (aka carmel treat)
  5. Italy

    What would be better to get in Italy than a wine flight?  Head to La Bottega Italiana and try out a white or red wine flight.  Sit out and enjoy Venice while sipping on your wine, and get some great photos of the iconic Epcot ball.  This is about halfway so why not stop for some lunch?  Via Napoli is amazing Italian food, best calamari I’ve ever had!

    alt="wine flight"
    Wine Flight
  6. America

    Next on our World Showcase expedition comes America, and what could be more American than an ice cold Bud Light?  Head to the Fire and Drum stand to get a Bud Light and turkey leg.  There are some Civil War era drummers that sing classic American tunes that you can sit and watch while you enjoy your beer.

  7. Japan

    You’ve now arrived in Japan.  Check out the Kabuki Cafe and try a Sake flight and some yummy sushi!  There are some amazing traditional drummers that put on a great show right next to the food stand.  They are my favorite performers in the World Showcase

  8. Morocco

    Next stop is the exotic Morocco (interesting fact: Morocco is the only pavilion in the showcase that is actually owned and controlled by the Country of Morocco, not Disney World).  There is a stand along the lake on the right that serves alcoholic slushies that are to die for!  I recommend trying the Royal Blue, but be careful it will turn your mouth blue!

    alt="blue tongue"
    Royal Blue got me good!
  9. France

    Welcome to Paris!  Head all the way to the back of the city and find Les Vins des Chefs de France and grab yourself a champagne flight!  There is also a delicious dessert spot right across the walkway.  Now, go back around the corner to the left and take a break while watching Impressions of France and learning about the beautiful country.  Another great chance for fun new travel ideas!

    alt="champagne flight"
    Champagne Flight
  10. United Kingdom

    You have now arrived in the U.K.  The Rose and Crown Pub is the place to be.  They have light up cocktails and amazing fish and chips.  Across the walkway you’ll find a really fun Beatles cover band that plays throughout the day.

    alt="light up drinks"
    Light up cocktails!
  11. Canada

    The final stop on this World Showcase journey is Canada.  There are no little food stands with drinks here.  Head all the way to the back of this beautiful pavilion and watch O’ Canada.  Its not only interesting, but funny.  This short movie inspired me to visit Canada on my first solo trip!  On your way out of the World Showcase grab one last treat at the refreshment stand, a Cronut.  A croissant turned into a doughnut.  It is sinfully delicious!


You did it!  You’ve now successfully drank and ate your way around the world without ever leaving the country.  It was fun wasn’t it?  Now go take a nap, you deserve it!

If you love Disney World and want to read about my magical night’s stay in Cinderella’s castle check out my post about my experience!

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