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That Time I Jumped Off A Bridge: Whistler Bungee

That Time I Jumped Off A Bridge: Whistler Bungee

The Build Up

Looking down into the raging river as I walked across the Whistler Bungee bridge, I thought to myself, “am I seriously going to jump off of this?”.  All of my friends and family thought I was crazy, and I was starting to agree with them.  I signed my waiver and slowly made my way up to the jump point to get harnessed up.  My hands were shaking and my heart was racing with adrenaline and nerves as I walked my toes up the edge of the bridge.  I opted to jump facing forward (you have the option to go backwards or forwards).  He counted down from five and over the edge I went.

alt"free falling"
The Free Fall

The Jump

The free fall feeling is absolutely amazing.  It’s like flying.  The feeling of freedom and exhilaration is indescribable.  I dove down towards the water, praying I wouldn’t be breaking its icy surface.  Then, I rebounded, bouncing back up and falling all over again.  It was so much fun!

alt"whistler bungee"
The Rebound

The Aftermath

Swinging around at the bottom for about a minute, I took in the absolutely gorgeous mountain, forest and river views.  I was high on adrenaline.  They sent down the return line and pulled me back up.  I had done it.  I jumped off a bridge!  How insane is that?!

alt"I survived Whistler Bungee"
I Survived Whistler Bungee!

Planning and Tips for Whistler Bungee

I’m hoping you just read all of that and now are inspired to head up to Whistler Bungee and experience it for yourself!  Just writing this I want to go back and jump again.  They told me it was addicting and they weren’t wrong!  So, the details.  I stayed in the Upper Village in Whistler and opted to drive myself to the bridge.  It was about a 25 minute drive down the Sea to Sky Highway or highway 99.  The company offers a shuttle service from the village as well, but you must call them to reserve a spot.  If you are staying in Vancouver, it is about an hour drive up the sea to sky highway.  There is free parking at the bottom of the bridge and a spectator viewing spot for those of your friends and family too chicken to jump!

The cost of one jump for a first time jumper is $130 CAD (approximately $96 USD).  Once you jump once you become a lifetime member and the cost goes down to $80 CAD (approximately $60 USD).  The jump comes with a free t-shirt.  They take photos of you which you can choose to purchase on a flash drive for $40 CAD ($30 USD).  The three photos above are from the flash drive I purchased.  I also jumped with my GoPro.  They don’t have any problem with you jumping with cameras as long as they are secure.

You can jump with a friend or significant other, but there is a max combine weight of 350 lbs.  Finally, Whistler Bungee boasts a perfect safety record and although I was nervous they made me feel really safe and secure as well as confident throughout the entire experience.

So, be brave!  Take a risk!  Check bungee jumping off your bucket list like I did!  I promise it’s so worth it!  The views were some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen.  Check out my GoPro jump video on my Instagram!!

alt"whistler bungee bridge"
Whistler Bungee Bridge

(I took the photo above, it’s not from the flash drive)

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