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Temecula Wine Country: A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Temecula Wine Country: A Romantic Weekend Getaway

Every wine lover dreams of traveling to Napa Valley in Northern California to experience the world-famous vineyards and wine tasting.  Did you know there is an amazing wine country in Southern California also!?  Temecula Valley wine country is only about an hour drive from San Diego and an hour and a half from Los Angeles.  If you’re looking for a fun girls getaway or a romantic weekend Temecula is the place for you!

My boyfriend and I decided to take a weekend away to spend some quality time together.  We are both very busy with our jobs and sometimes life can get away from you.  We booked a one night stay at South Coast Winery to recharge and reconnect.  I have been to Temecula before, once as a fun day trip with my mom and once with some friends.  I haven’t, however, ever spent the night at any of the wineries, so I always needed a plan to drive home after enjoying wine all day.  Spending the night at South Coast took all the stress and planning out of the equation.  Being able to taste as much wine as we wanted knowing we wouldn’t have to drive made the day much more enjoyable.

We arrived at the resort, and our room wasn’t ready yet.  We opted to wander around the grounds a bit while we waited for our wine tasting tour to begin.  It was so beautiful!

alt="the grounds"

The Wine Tasting

We booked the Golden Bear tour, which is the behind the scenes wine tasting tour they offer on the weekends.  The tour consists of a one hour walking tour around the grounds where the guide explains how the grapes are grown and how the wine is made.

alt="in the vines of Temecula"

Fun fact, the winery plants rose bushes at the end of each row of vines because roses are much more delicate plants.  The bushes are more susceptible to mold, fungi and inspects, so they serve as a first warning sign for the vines just like a canary in a coal mine!  (They are also beautiful!)

Following the walking tour, we were taken to a private tasting room for a 30 minute tasting and food pairing experience.  I’ve been on many wine tastings before, but I’ve never had a tour go so in-depth on the science behind different flavor profiles and food pairings.  I learned so much!  It was incredible!

alt="food pairings"
Meats and Cheeses for pairing with the different wines
alt="barrel room"
The barrel room

After seven glasses of wine (yes I said SEVEN!), we went up to our room to relax a bit before dinner.  A complimentary bottle of wine was waiting for us because we booked through the resort website.  Can’t beat that balcony view!

alt="balcony views of temecula"
Balcony Views on point!

It just so happened that some friends of ours were in town, so we met them for dinner at the winery’s restaurant.  The food was amazing and of course we had more wine!alt="Zach and I at the wine tasting

A Morning by the Pool

The next day, after a great night’s sleep (or wine coma, whatever), we spent the morning hanging out by the pool and enjoying the sunshine!  It was the perfect way to wrap up a relaxing weekend getaway!  South Coast Winery also offers a spa.  If you have more time to spend in Temecula it would be worth checking out!

I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing, fun and romantic weekend getaway in Temecula wine country!  If you live in the Southern California area I would highly recommend it if you and your girlfriends or significant other need a weekend away!

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